Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome Party/ Open House For New Client TAKAMI SUSHI + ELEVATE LOUNGE in the heart of downtown LA (wed jan 27th)

hello friends~

Being that we've worked together in the past/ you're in the event industry, I wanted to let you know about my new client, TAKAMI SUSHI + ELEVATE LOUNGE in the heart of downtown LA. I recently started with them doing; creative direction, events, & PR. I'd like to extend this opportunity to you as I can get special rates/treatment for you and make any event experience there perfect! It is truly a breathtaking venue, a $5mil project by the famed design firm Tag Front (geisha house, nacional, blue velvet, opera/crimson, boa, etc). Its an ultra-modern, sexy, penthouse in the sky, atop the 21s floor of a downtown skyrise with breathtaking views/open air! Its a great/ functional offering with separate but conjoining high end sushi restaurant + lounge/nightclub. The service & team and Takami/Elevate honestly provide the best service i've seen, on par with a 5 star hotel, or the finest restaurants, nothing like the norm or an LA club or the Hollywood scene (awww breath of fresh air/you will be impressed)...its really something special and I look forward to sharing this with you/ working on an event with you there.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information (floor plans, press, menus, event specs, photos, etc). the website is also a vital resource, check it out,

You can set up a walk-thru for interested parties at any time, and have events there you can come check out often. I'd also love to get some more/new/event driven press on the place so if that interests you also let me know.

For this very purpose, I've set up a special welcome party + open house for event professionals/ past clients/industry and would like to treat you to drinks + hors deourves and give you a chance to see/get a feel for my amazing new venue/client. Cocktail soirée is next Wednesday January 27th, private for you from 8-10pm.

please email name/company/credentials/biz card etc with you RSVP to

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