Saturday, March 20, 2010

LA's Key to New Music>>>Introducing QUADRON

So, Music is my Life....or a large & inspirational & mood altering part of it! SO I cant help but share this amazing & sultry beautiful new Danish group QUADRON!

Its a real genre defying act and mood creating, consisting of lush beats from Robin Hannibal coupled with Coco's beautiful vocals. If I had to pin it I'd say soul fusion, mixing a bit of jazzy vintage soul r&b with a bit of British styled electronic production and gorgeous instrumentation! And I have to thank my friend and amazing talent Aaron Byrd of KCRW for turning me on to such a life-changing group. To be completely honest, and yes I have always been obsessive with my music but, I have listened to the BEST song "Horse" about 250x since first hearing it 48 hours ago. When I'm not listening to it, I still here it or am longing to hear it again, or sing it, its interestingly perfectly in my range, and oh I wish I sounded as sweet as Coco ;) No joke. Its that good. Well the whole album, is and I'd urge you to buy it...but as a taste, here are in my opinion the two best songs of their debut album "Quadron", 'Horse' and 'Average Fruit'! As it stands local indie heavyweight record label Plug Research — which has put out albums from Flying Lotus, Shafiq Husayn, Milosh, Mia Doi Todd and countless others — is now releasing the album with distribution.

And if you become addicted as I did, and I hope you do.... so then you will want to see them LIVE in LA (yes they are from Denmark HAHA)....Mr Byrd along with KCRW, is producing a show + live DJ set/w/ vocalist, on Wed April 14th at Zanzibar and you can get presale tix for this double banger, only $12 here....


HORSE (my fave cut on the album)


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